Saturday, 14 April 2012

The Beach in Spring...

Late Friday afternoon we took a drive to the beach, it's about a 50 minute drive from our place.  On the way we grabbed a couple Starbucks a chai tea latte for me and a caramel  macchiato for my husband.  We don't go there often and I'm always a little nervous ordering drinks because I'm not always sure how to pronounce the names :-) but every now and then I like to sip on a chai tea latte.

I love walking the beach when there's no one's so peaceful.  Last night it was pretty cool and quite windy but we still had fun just walking and taking pictures.  It may not be my husband's favourite thing to do but he enjoys watching me have fun...that's what he tells me.  The crazy lady with the camera :-)  We had a fun was different...maybe I was different...more free.  It's funny as we're heading out I said to my husband I feel so rushed just leaving like this, we hadn't really planned to go out I just brought it up and we decided to go.  He said just relax and have fun and so I did and it was good.

The guy who doesn't like the camera even let me take some pics of the two of us. 

I couldn't leave the beach without doing a jump shot :-)

As we're walking that chai tea latte has come to haunt me and so we head out to find a washroom, but of course they're all locked as the season hasn't opened yet.  As we're walking my husband spots one of those dreaded "pit toilets," at least that's what we call know those smelly bottomless pits with a toilet seat...I hate them. So I have him open the door and tell him he's gotta check down that hole for me before I'll ever use it...being the selfless man he is he braves the odour and checks down the hole and tells me it's fine, what's to be expected is there as he's gagging.  But I can't make myself use it...the pit is dark and bottomless and what if there's some creature down there...I just can't do it.  So I grab some toilet paper stick it in my pocket figuring I may have to resort to the days of girlhood when you're stuck out in the woods without a care in the world and nature calls and so you just answer because who cares, you're wild and free and besides my husband had suggested I do this numerous times...I said easy for you.  So we found a nice little wooded area, husband on the lookout wife heading up the hill down into the ravine.  Back to the days of girlhood summer...I came out of that ravine a free woman and said to my husband "I did it, aren't you proud of me."  We laughed, we joked, we had fun and now I could enjoy myself again.  Yeah I know maybe this is too much information but I thought it was kinda funny.  

I took numerous fence shots.

The sand was piled so high against some of the fences, amazing what the wind could do, so much sand blown around.

The light and shadows were beautiful.

I loved the ripples in the sand...the artistry of the wind.

Yeah it was kinda chilly but he braved it and let me take some pics.  He's a framer, not a farmer...same letters different order, anyway, for years and years he's had to grin and bear the elements - rain, sleet, sun, snow, wind, humidity, etc. and so he likes to be warm when it's cold and windy, dry when it's rainy, cool when it's hot and get the picture.

I love this man...may not always feel it...though last night I did :-) and besides love isn't just a feeling, it's a commitment, a choice, a way of life, it's an action.

The night ended with a beautiful sunset...well not quite because after that we got into our warm car and headed out to dinner...something my husband loves to do.  You know,  food the way to a mans heart :-)



  1. Hi Tina, your photos are so beautiful. I thoroughly enjoy reading your blog, your lay out is simple and as a reader, I feel that it is soothing. Your sunset photo- it reminds me how so many things that are beautiful in life is simple and free. It's always inspirational to be reminded of the abundance in life.

    Last week, I started blogging. I really have no clue what I'm doing, so some feedback would be great. Thanks for the post Tina, you have a new follower =)..

  2. As always your images are stunning. So carefully composed and processed. Love them all! I also love your writing, you always have great stories to tell.

  3. Lovely images from your spur-of-the-moment trip to the beach. Had a good laugh from your haunting experience. I'm haunted a lot! LOL!